so please do not interact if:
-you are 30+
-you are not nice lol
ummm i really dont care about anything else just be nice and dont be a creep

u can call me yuki/eddie
my pronouns she/he i think but u can use any
im 14 lol
i love video games, books and biology
my fav anime: jojo/evangelion/steins;gate
my favorite books: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, A Cherry (osamu dazai)
my fav video games: project diva, sally face, undertale, deltarune, persona 5, genshin, yttd, animal crossing, mystic messenger

-shinji ikari (im sorry lol(nge))
-ray (mystic messenger)
-todd(sally face)
-haru(persona 5)
-futaba(persona 5)
-rachel gardner(angels of death)
-ciel phantomhive(kuroshitsuji)
-yoosung(mystic messenger)
-Edward Mason(angels of death)
-707(mystic messenger)